Conditioned Response

I am susceptible, like everyone else, to becoming conditioned to react a certain way when something happens.  This is basically the same as the “Pavlov’s Dog” response.  When the bell rings, you drool, because it means dinner.  The easiest example for me has to do with Diet Dr. Pepper.  The cafe at work opens at 9am, which is when I can get my daily soda refill.  Now, when the clock hits 9am, I immediately start craving soda, even if I can’t go and get it right at that moment.

I’ve developed a similar pattern when it comes to reading, likely dating back to my college days.  If I read sitting in my recliner or on my couch, I start to get very sleepy.  Occasionally this has even led to a nap or two!  I know that reading itself doesn’t hold this property, as I can read for hours in bed without falling asleep.  The combination of book and couch is required for the soporific effect.  The only problem with this comes when I want to read for an extended period of time; I have to take to my bed to read if I don’t want to drift off.


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  1. deshipley
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 18:49:20

    That’s me with dessert and water, anymore (and probably tons of other examples, but this is the first that comes to mind). Every time we have birthday cake and ice cream or Christmas cookies at my great-aunt’s condo, she serves it with a glass of water. After a few years of that, my need for water after something sugary is automatic.
    Almost *too* easy to train the brain sometimes, eh?


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