I have a fan page on Facebook.  This is something that is recommended for the self-published author as a good tool for getting your name known.

I’m not quite sure how successful it is.  I have way more followers on my blog than I do on Facebook, but I don’t know that those numbers mean much.

Perhaps I’m not quite using my Facebook fan page as well as I could.  Do you have one?  Do you think that it is helpful?  What kinds of things do you post to yours?

If you’re a fan of mine on Facebook, how would you like to see me use it?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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  1. deshipley
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 20:08:17

    Well, I’m no Facebook promotion expert, but if nothing else, I can share what I’ve done and see if it sparks anybody’s ideas:

    I started my “Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale” Facebook page at the beginning of NaNo 2010 to chronicle the book’s journey from page 1 to publication (which we’re still waiting on) and beyond. During the 30 days of writing the novel (or more like 20-something, since I managed to get ahead of schedule), I posted a favorite sentence written that day, as well as the current word-count. I also posted a few pieces in the page’s notes which turned out to be good practice for my eventual blog writing.

    From the end of NaNo onward, I started putting up artwork I’d done of the book’s characters (along with bios and/or quotes), or the work of others who’d been good enough to put together some requested fan art for me, and self-made videos of a few of Allyn’s songs. If I do anything “Ballad”-related (visits to Renaissance Faires, for instance), I’ll post pictures of that. If I hear a song that my minstrels approve, I’ll link to it. Since starting my blog, I link to the posts from the page, often with character commentary. This past December, Allyn hosted “Allyn-a-Dale’s 25 Days of Christmas”, where he featured minstrel-approved Christmas music and my short story, “A Merry Christmas Carol”.

    I try not to let too many days go by without posting a little something (which is easier since I’ve tied the page into my blogging schedule). I try to keep it fun, and mostly book/character-centric, and let the minstrels do their thing (and Will Scarlet, since he hates to be left out). Is the “Ballad” page all that it could be? Probably not. But I don’t let myself be pressured by it. It’s one more drop in the “get your name out there” bucket that we author’s hope to fill, and I’ve got a nice little handful of fans, so I don’t feel completely ignored. (:


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