I’m planning to get a tattoo.

Wait!  It really does have something to do with writing, I promise!

First, the tattoo will be to commemorate selling 50 copies of The Queen’s Butterflies e-book.  I’m at 31 now – do you have your copy?  😉

Second, it is based on something in the book.  The Butterflies each get a tiny, freckle-like butterfly tattoo on their wrists when they finish training.  This is to mark them as a Butterfly, in a way that others who know can identify but those who don’t know won’t notice.  My plan is to get a slightly larger, brown butterfly on the back of my wrist.  Obviously, as it is body art, I want it to be more noticeable than the spies in the book would prefer, but the color and location will be consistent with the story.

This week on vacation I saw a lot of tattoos.  Some were interesting, some were bad, and one or two were simply odd.  My favorite strange tattoo was actually a matched set; a girl had a pair of cherries (a la a slot machine) on the back of each calf, about two-thirds of the way up to her knee.  The two tattoos were mirror-image, and very, very obvious when she walked.  I wanted to ask what inspired them, but the opportunity didn’t present itself.

I think I’ll stick with something that marks an important moment…  Permanent marks on my body should be there to remind me of something I want to remember forever, don’t you think?

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  1. deshipley
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 21:27:56

    Fun. (:
    I don’t know that I could ever get a tattoo, because I fear I would become tired of having that same old whatever-it-is on my wherever-it-is for the rest of eternity. Of course, if some character near and dear to my heart had a certain tat, I can see myself wanting to get one just like it. (So Edgwyn, please remain unmarked for now, please and thanks.)


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