Totals for the Year

I keep a book journal.  The entries are simple: the date, what book I just finished, the author’s name, and a smiley if I liked it.  Sometimes I’ll note if it’s part of a series, but not always.  The only magazines I record are National Geographics, and for these I also write if I skipped articles.

At the end of each year I total up what I read, as well as category totals.

This year was a low-total year, with only 35 items read.  The only year that was lower was 2008, when I wrote the first draft of Butterflies and was enrolled in a Master’s degree program.

Thirty five isn’t bad, considering I wrote two novels this year.  The number that surprised me is fiction: I only read 9 novels.  That was definitely the lowest I’ve ever had.  Between April 3rd and Dec 11th, I read a lot of books, but only two were novels, and one of those was a re-read of Butterflies.  That is a huge stretch without fiction!  No wonder I’m obsessed with it now…

Several of my friends set reading goals, some specific (50 novels) and some vague (read more), for 2012.  I don’t ever set a goal, but it is fun to track and compare how much I read from year to year.


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  1. deshipley
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 23:56:19

    I find I am a poor personal recordkeeper, for all I enjoy having personal records kept. As 2012 is still young and I’ve not finished any books since its beginning, maybe this is a good year to try getting into the habit of logging books read (and *written*, for Pete’s sake — I’d like to be able to look back at a hard evience of writing progress, too!).
    I’ll give it a go. Here’s hoping for lots of lovely items for each of us!


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