A Revision Conundrum

While I am focusing on Dragon first (since it’s in hard-copy form and I am waiting for a computer adapter), I am having a small dilemma when it comes to revising Dreams.  Usually I do a preliminary revision as I write, coinciding with printing out the first draft.  Once I’ve finished writing, I leave the manuscript alone and then come back with fresh(er) eyes and do another major revision.

I couldn’t take the time to revise Dreams as I wrote it.  I didn’t really want to anyway, but with the deadline of NaNo looming, it just wasn’t an option.  Now I need to do the preliminary revision, and I’m having a problem.  Do I revise on the computer or do I print it and then do two revisions?

I’m expecting Dreams to need a bit more revising, even in the preliminary stage, than my other two novels.  This is mostly because of the speed at which I wrote it.  Perhaps I should revise a few chapters on the computer and then print them out, do another couple, print them, etc.  That would mimic the way that I’ve revised Butterflies and Dragon, even if it isn’t the as-I-write revision I’m used to.


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