Word Games

I love playing word games.  I’m currently in the midst of 5 different games of Words With Friends on Facebook.  I do the Sunday crossword in the newspaper every week.  (Getting the Sunday paper delivered is my current decadent-yet-cheap splurge.)  I love Quiddler and Take One, although playing with my family (especially Grandma O) is not good for the ego.  I also learned a fun word logic game from a friend in high school that I will still play when someone is willing to accept the challenge.

My big hang-up with some of the games is getting fixated on a word.  This is especially bad in Quiddler, where the point is to make words with all of the letters in your hand as quickly as possible.  If you’re waiting on that one letter to make that one word you’re obsessed with, someone else might make a bunch of tiny words, go out, and you’ll end up eating your high-point letters.  There is strategy in waiting to see if you get the higher-value letters, but it only works if you already have something you can do with the cards in your hand.

I’m working on getting through the single-word obsession, though.  Last night I wanted to play “kopje” but decided against it, using “joke” instead so I could make another word with the p.  “Joke” wasn’t as interesting, but at least I got all the points and kept a good card in play.

It’s probably best to save my interesting vocab words for my writing, and use the shorter, more common words for my word games.

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