Wearing a Gift

I’ve been spending my day today in comfortable clothes, including a sweatshirt that I got as a Christmas gift years ago.

There is something you need to know about me before this post continues.  I’ve never been a fan of getting clothing as Christmas gifts.  According to my mom, I had a less-than-pleasant family Christmas as a child (in which I received a dress shirt and my sister got a fancy toy purse, complete with plastic keys and a fake compact) that soured me on clothing as gifts.  I may have put No Clothes on my wish list at least once, and my parents (mostly) obliged.  There were a few articles of clothing every year, including one pink sweater that was famously exchanged for hiking boots, but most of my gifts were things that could be read or played with.

This sweatshirt, which was given to me in high school, is an exception.  I was inordinately pleased by this gift, as it has a llama on it.  (I collect llamas.)  Of course, since I’ve had it for *coughs* years now, it is very comfortable and broken in but no longer particularly attractive.  Every time I wear it, I think about Christmas, even if for only a moment.  Yes, there are many gifts I still have and use, but inexplicably this sweatshirt is the one thing I own that reminds me constantly of its origins.

Maybe that’s what comes from being the surprising exception to a hard-and-fast gift rule. 🙂


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  1. deshipley
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 19:51:29

    Huzzah for favorite, old, homely sweaters, and for the new sweaters that will become the favorites of tomorrow!
    I tend to enjoy receiving new clothes and throwing them on right away (the latter part which, Mom always accuses fondly, makes me “a sick individual”).
    Glad to see that the dress shirt/toy purse incident didn’t come between you and your beloved llama top. (:


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