A Sister Relationship

The sister of the main character from Dragon has been tapping me on the shoulder for the last couple of days.  She keeps reminding me that when I left the novel, she had seen something she wasn’t supposed to be able to see.  Now she wants to have a conversation with her sister about it.  This will be a fun one to write.

Relationships between sisters are interesting.  I’ve mentioned my sister plenty of times, and even written a blog post about it.  Recently I’ve been thinking about sisters, probably thanks to Carrie’s insistence on her scene.

For at least one person in a sister relationship, it’s been there for their entire lives.  I personally can’t remember not having a sister, since she was born before I turned 2.  This either means that a sister is a built-in friend or someone you can’t escape.  (My sister is the former, thank you, but I know plenty of people who spent a lot of their life thinking the latter of their own sisters.)

If you have a sister, think about your life for a minute.  Consider your sister as a stranger.  Would you have become friends without the shared parents?  In my case, I don’t know if it would have happened.  I spent a grand total of 6 years attending the same school as my sister.   We never had a class together.  There are only a few shared experiences I can remember, like show choir for one year and one or two performances, but our interests didn’t really overlap and our activities were different.  If we’d had different parents, I don’t know if our worlds would have met enough for us to be true friends.  Acquaintances, maybe, but probably not friends.

I’m not saying that I regret my friendship with my sister; in fact, the opposite is true.  I consider it a great blessing to have her in my life.  It’s just interesting to ponder the what-ifs of our lives.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kaitlin
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 20:27:50

    I have a brother-sister pair in my books who are interesting to try and write, simply because I’m an only child. I’ve had people in my life – friends who were like sisters/brothers, who I fought with and loved dearly – but never an actual blood sibling. I often wonder if I’ve gotten the relationship right. Thankfully, my husband is the youngest of 4, and he seems to think it’s all right. So I feel like i’m in the clear.


  2. deshipley
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 18:35:26

    Oh, wow, that’s something to think about: If we hadn’t been sisters, would my little sisters and I be friends? I’m not so sure.

    So much of our relationship seems based on just *knowing* each other — having had no choice but to know each other all their lives. And while Sis 3 is a really outgoing, social person, Sis 2 and I are not; so if we’d met within the last few years, we’d probably half-avoid hanging around each other more than we could help. Interest-wise, we don’t have a lot in common, so we couldn’t bond over that.

    Yikes, I might have really missed out. There’ve been times enough when I’ve felt otherwise, but right now, I’m really glad I have my sisters!


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