But Juggling Makes Me Tired…

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you already know that I like to have multiple projects going on at once.

I mean, I chose to participate in NaNo this year, didn’t I?  Even though I had a ton of stuff going on.

Now it’s December, and even though NaNo is over, I am finding myself even busier.  Of course, a lot of it is related to the upcoming holiday.  Holiday parties at work and with friends, making and buying gifts, helping a friend make a tree costume – the list goes on and on.  On top of that I am trying to finish up the last bits of Dreams, blog every day to meet my 2011 goal, and try to sneak in some quiet time for myself.  And we can’t forget work and all the commitments I’ve made to my favorite professional organization.

No wonder I’m so tired!  I just have to remind myself that this is SO much better than having nothing to do…


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  1. deshipley
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 22:50:52

    Yeah, for some reason I envisioned December as a month of leisurely catching up on all the projects I was too busy to do in November. Turns out, though, that catching up on projects can suck a lot more time than one is originally prepared for. Go figure.


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