An Undeserved Reputation

I have a reputation for being a snoop this time of year.

For the record, I have never opened a present before Christmas or snuck into a closet to find out what I was getting.  I do not deserve this reputation.  In my opinion, snooping ruins the fun and suspense of gift-getting.

There are a few things that I suspect are the reasons for my family thinking I am sneaky.  For one thing, I love to guess at presents.  This is very different than actually snooping; in fact, peeking ruins the game.  I like to look at the shapes of boxes, feel their weight, tip them a bit, and then guess what they might be.   I like to pick up a gift and announce my guess before opening it.  I’ve gotten pretty good at this, so at least once a year I’m right.  Just to be clear, this is a correct guess, not actual knowledge gained from snooping!

Another thing that may lead to this reputation is the fact that I sometimes see my presents in advance through no fault of my own.  One year I saw a gift, the Audubon Bird Clock, in my mom’s trunk in July.  This was not my fault; she forgot it was there and had me help her load stuff into the trunk. (That one turned out okay, because I thought it was a birthday gift.  When I didn’t get it in August, I assumed it had been for someone else and forgot about it, leaving me surprised and pleased on Christmas morning.)

To add to this, my (clearly undeserved) reputation has made my family paranoid.  One year, a few days before Christmas, my mom, sister and I were discussing power tools.  “If you could have one power tool, which would it be?” was the question.  I said a cordless drill, completely innocently.  My mom was suddenly convinced that I had found the cordless drill they’d bought me for Christmas and I was just saying that because I knew I was getting one.  She was surprised at my surprise Christmas morning when I opened it.  No, Mom, I did not know I was getting the drill…

Do you snoop for presents?  Do you like to guess?  What’s your philosophy on this?


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  1. deshipley
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 22:05:28

    No snooping for me. I don’t feel it’s fair to the gift-giver to spoil my surprise; that’s part of their fun!


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