Energizer Bunny

Life in Dreams just keeps going and going.  I got home from work on Tuesday, planning to get some non-NaNo stuff done, but my brain decided that it wanted to continue the routine and write some more.  1500 words later, I finished Aurana’s big speech and split her up from her developing romantic interest.  (A romance isn’t a good read without a few monkey wrenches in the gears.)

Wednesday night was more of the same, although this time I got to write a lot of the follow-up from the big speech.  I guess NaNo did more for me than jump-start my writing; it helped me develop a writing habit.  It’s kind of nice.

Now I just have to figure out how to get Aurana and her love interest back together.  A tiny snag, and one that I hope won’t derail the writing train.


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