No Such Thing as a Bigger Half

If it’s bigger, it isn’t half.  🙂

There are two main characters in Dreams, Aurana and Erin.  Erin lives a reasonable life with a job she is okay with, a boyfriend who kind of sucks, and a friend and a sister who are both busy with their own lives.  Aurana is a princess in a fantasy world who just woke up from a long, magical sleep to discover that she has to decide if she wants to fight for her right to be the heir.

Guess who’s getting more of the word count so far?

Aurana honestly has a stronger plot.  Her story could stand on its own; the trouble is (for the story, not for the writing) that Aurana can’t stand alone.  Erin’s plot depends on the existence of Aurana – without the whole shared consciousness thing and the inability to wake up issue, she’d be able to continue on her mediocre way forever – but she does not need Aurana the way that Aurana currently needs her.

Eventually, as their plots unwind and intertwine, the situation will switch.  Erin will come to depend quite heavily on Aurana, while Aurana will find a way to stand on her own.

Ah, this story is so much fun!  Which I guess is a good thing, since I have to work on it every day for the rest of the month…


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