Second Week Slump? A NaNo Update

According to the folks over at, it’s not unusual for writers to hit a second week slump.  They don’t write as much; maybe their motivation is lower, maybe they hit a wall…  Any number of reasons can make writers have trouble the second week.

I had a second week slump, but not for any of those reasons.  I spent the week at a professional conference.  (I knew it was coming and I signed up for NaNo anyway.  We’ve already addressed that I’m crazy.)  The travel days were great; I wrote something like 3,000 words in airports and airplanes on my way to Minnesota and again on my way back.  While those two nearly double days should have helped, I was just over a day behind (1678 words, to be exact) when I returned.

Fortunately, I had my usual weekend (Sunday and Monday) to get caught up, both on sleep and on writing.  Yesterday alone I wrote about 4000 words (that’s a lot of words!) and now I’m back on track.  I also got past a little “what comes next” mini-wall.  I knew in the big picture what was next, but deciding the smaller events hadn’t happened.  (I started a fight, which is always a great way to get the plot going again.)

If you’re writing, I hope you’re on track!  If not, thanks for cheering me on!

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  1. deshipley
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 17:34:23



  2. Leigh Townsend
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 22:35:30

    I hit (and passed) 25,000 today! Fighting to stay on track as if my life depends on it..


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