An Insistent Scene

I was planning to write Dreams in more or less chronological order.  As the story flips back and forth between two characters and some of their reactions and responses are based on the other, it seemed like a good idea to get it out in the proper sequence.

Of course, no story ever works out the way you plan.

There is one scene that I know is coming up later in the story.  Last night it started to grow in my head; like most of my scenes, it started with a conversation between characters.  Today I decided that I needed to go ahead and give in.

Now, I’ve been known to skip ahead before.  This isn’t anything new or unusual.  The only problem is that Dreams is for NaNo.  The whole concept of NaNo is to write without editing.  Just get the story down on paper.  When I write a scene in advance, it inevitably requires at least minor editing, if not complete revision, to make sure it fits when I get to that point.  Taking the time to revise the scene to mesh with the story seems like a dangerous thing when there is a word-count goal in mind.

Still, it seemed like a good idea to let the scene out and get it down on paper.  It could have become a roadblock if I wasn’t careful, refusing to let any other writing happen while it was dominating my thoughts.


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