When Stories Affect Your Sleep

I am writing this post after my bedtime.  Of course, I plan to schedule it to post in the future, so don’t start thinking that I go to bed at 6pm or something crazy.  I usually try to be asleep (or at least on the way) by 10pm.

Occasionally writing will impinge on my sleep.  This happens in several ways.

My least favorite is when I get ready for bed and realize that I haven’t posted a blog yet.  This means that I am tired, about to sleep, and now I have to find something to write about.

Sometimes my story or my characters get so insistent that I can’t fall asleep.  I can typically resolve this by getting a piece of paper and jotting notes.  In rare, particularly urgent cases I will get my laptop and write the scene in full from the comfort of my pillow pile.  Getting it out of my head means that my brain will quiet and I can sleep.

Tonight is one of the rarest occurrences of writing keeping me up.  I have suddenly had ideas for a huge number of blog posts, and I want to capture them while they are fresh.  That may mean that they are a little less fresh when you read them (I like to spread the wealth out over several days if possible) but they are new to you and that’s what counts!  I’ve found that post ideas, unlike story pieces, have a very short shelf life.  If I don’t at least jot down the idea, or preferably write the complete post, when I finally sit down in front of the computer it will be gone.

I have now sacrificed about an hour of sleep tonight for the sake of writing.  At this point, I’m willing to sacrifice any more blog post ideas for the sake of my sleep!


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  1. deshipley
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 22:56:30

    Stories seem to get their kicks from keeping one awake too long. They demand to be read (just one more chapter…), they demand to be written (just to the end of the conversation…), they demand to be plotted (yeah, Body, I know you’re exhausted, but I, the Brain, have “What if…?”s to answer!). And of course, if you’ve got a blog to keep up, those words like to join the party, too. And music wants listening to, and pictures want viewing, or sketching, or tweaking in [insert something Photoshop-like here], or, and, and/or…
    (Can you tell I’m exhausted from working on an art project since, like, all day?)


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