Choosing a Profession

I’m preparing for NaNo by coming up with some character development prior to starting.  (I’m also already thinking that I’m probably a crazy person for taking this on, but only time will tell.)  The main decision I need to make now, besides finding names for side characters, is the profession for one of my two main characters.

The basic concept for this character is that she starts out the story as what she sees as a success: she’s got a good job (albeit not what she studied in school) and a good-looking, nice-guy fiancée.  She’s in that “comfortable” place, where life is routine and she’s not happy or sad.  Through the story she’s going to have all of these things challenged, due to an outside force, and she’ll find things that make her truly happy.

That said, I had to decide three things today: what she studied in school, what she does now, and what she’s going to do later.  I chose things that I am vaguely familiar with, to cut down on the research time mid-Nano.  So, she studied English in college, is an Admin Assistant in an office, and eventually becomes an author.  These are all things that I can either fake or ask somebody I know, at least for now.  Details can be tweaked and fixed in the editing process, once the word-vomiting of NaNo is complete.

Tomorrow is Day 1 – are you ready?


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