Great People Watching, Part 2

I told you I’d give you a follow-up on the observations I made going out for Halloween!  Not all of them are not people-watching related, but they are all interesting.

The unique and unusual costumes will get the most attention.  Even a well-executed or creative take on a common theme will be overlooked in favor of an original idea, however poorly done.

Costumes in a non-costume setting are okay when it’s Halloween.  Three of us went to Denny’s at around midnight, and while we got some stares walking in, the only attention we got was positive.

People will watch a TV even in a social setting.  It doesn’t take costumes to make this observation.  There were music videos playing at the club we went to and a horror movie on the TV at one of the parties, and when conversation lulled, guess where all the eyes went.

I don’t like crowds. This is not a new revelation, but every time I go somewhere with a lot of people, I make the same observation.  It doesn’t matter the context or the people I’m with, crowds are not fun for me.  At some point I should learn to anticipate and avoid them.

It really is a small world.  There are many people from Illinois who now live in Texas, but last night at one of the parties I met the first person in Houston who not only is from my hometown, but graduated from the same high school as my sister and went to the same university that I did!

Even in comfortable shoes, your feet will hurt after a night standing on them.  This one needs no explanation.

Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!

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  1. deshipley
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 10:46:35

    In the vein of Observation #2, I’ve had recent occasion to note that the downside of going to a restaurant in chain-mail on Oct. 30th is the probable assumption that you’re wearing it for a Halloween costume. No, no, no, people! I’m just a loveable nutcase who’s been gifted with a mail shirt and can’t *not* go out to dinner in it! Don’t insult me with suspicions of normalcy!


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