Look – Recognition!

I am a strange blogger.  I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I mostly use my blog as a pseudo-journal, a way to reinforce writing daily.  I love the comments (and I do read them, every day, even when I don’t comment back!) and I check my stats, but mostly I just write.  Therefore, the concept of blogger awards is somewhat new to me, but deshipley at Ever on Word has given me a shout-out and a “Most Versatile Blogger” award!

I guess I am versatile within the realm I have set forth for myself – writing about writing.  There are some rules that go along with this, and conveniently they make thinking of today’s post really easy.  Here are the guidelines:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
3. Give this award to 15 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the news.

Thanks, deshipley!  Your link back is above!

Now, 7 things about me.  I guess, to be a good sport, I’ll try for things you don’t know.  (That is, of course, unless you are related to me or see me frequently.  If that’s the case, tough!)

1. I don’t eat molluscs. I started out saying that I didn’t eat bivalves (clams, oysters, mussels, scallops) but it got extended to molluscs when I realized that I also don’t eat snails (univalves), squid, or octopus (cephalopods).  They all fall into molluscs, so there you go.  (I’m even a science nerd about food!)

2. I will not pay people to scare me. This means no haunted houses and no horror movies.  I have too strong of an imagination, and I like my ability to sleep.

3. I have trouble choosing favorites. I don’t have a favorite movie, but I have a “top 5.”  It took a while for me to admit that my favorite animal is an Acorn Woodpecker, and I usually still say “woodpeckers” when asked my favorite.  It’s a similar story with authors, songs, books, food, etc.  If I have a single favorite something, then you know I really like it.

4. I collect llamas.  I have over 40 of them, in wood, ceramic, even plush.  I volunteered at a llama farm near my hometown for 8 years, which started and inspired the collection.

5. I can multitask really well, but I can’t write with the TV on.  In fact, I have a movie on pause at the moment while I put this post together!

6. My computer is off more than it is on.  I use my laptop for a variety of things, particularly internet-related.  I blog, I have three personal email accounts, I like Facebook, and there are several other sites that I check for various reasons.  I also write on my laptop and play various forms of solitaire.  However, I do not linger.  I turn the computer on, do what I plan to do, and then turn it off.

7. I clearly talk about myself too much! This list was harder than it should be – I’ve told you people too many things about myself before!

Now, 15 new bloggers.  (15 is a lot!  Why can’t it be 5? Who decided these rules, anyway?)  I am a bad blogger.  I don’t read other blogs very often.  So, take this with a grain of salt.  Instead of doing a shout-out to recently discovered blogs, I am going to use this as a way to highlight the last 15 bloggers (not counting deshipley) to comment on my blog.  (A little positive reinforcement, if you will!)

1. My Enchanted Keys  http://myenchantedkeys.wordpress.com/
2. georgefloreswrites  http://georgefloreswrite.com/
3. Aaron D. Graham   http://aarongraham.wordpress.com/
4. My Universe is Still Coming Together  http://whileitwasfallingapart.wordpress.com/
5. The Short and the Long of it   http://neekswrite.wordpress.com/
6. Skybambi’s blog  http://skybambi.wordpress.com/
7. dodging commas  http://dodgingcommas.wordpress.com/
8. E.J. Lavoie’s Blog   http://ejlavoie.wordpress.com/
9. Rob Holts Writer Unextraordinaire  http://robholts.wordpress.com/
10. Kate Burns  http://kateburnsauthor.wordpress.com/
11. Ink Stained  http://www.tsbazelli.com/blog/
12. creative barbwire  http://creativebarbwire.wordpress.com/
13. Misplaced in Time  http://misplacedintime.wordpress.com/
14. A Fine Day for an Epiphany  http://afinedayforanepiphany.wordpress.com/
15. If You Could Let Your Heart Speak  http://onebraveheart.wordpress.com/

I guess all that’s left is telling these bloggers “Tag, you’re it!”  Is it just me, or does this seem like a cross between an award and a chain letter… 😉

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