A Shock to the System

In Houston there is no real fall.

Of course, this depends a lot on your definition of fall.  If “Fall” is a notation on the calendar (as in “First Day of Autumn”), well, our calendars are the same as yours.  But if fall is the season of gradual transition between the hot temperatures of summer and the cold temperatures of winter, the season of colorful leaves, crisp mornings and comfortable temperatures, then we do not really have autumn.

This week is the perfect example of our dramatic temperature change.  On Sunday it was hot and miserable, typical Houston late summer weather.  A vaguely cool morning tease turned into more heat and sun.  Monday a cold front came through.  Tuesday and Wednesday the mornings were chilly and I was comfortable in pants all day long.  Now the weather is warming up again, probably back to the heat of before.  The next time the temperature drops severely, it will probably be to our usual winter temperatures.

Going from high temperatures near 90 to highs barely in the 70s is a shock.  It makes what should be comfortable weather feel downright cold.   The fluctuations between cold and hot and cold again make everyone start feeling sick or aches and pains.  I love real fall, but Houston fall is tough.

I hope it stays cool, even if it means it will be too cool for camping.