Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Look, I remembered!  🙂

Today I would like to combine a common writing technique (metaphor) with a popular form of entertainment (songs) for our words of wisdom.

Here is a quick review for those of you who don’t remember: metaphors are comparisons between two unrelated items without using “as” or “like.”  So “Max hung from the top of his cage like a bat” is not a metaphor (it’s a simile) but “Max was a bat tonight” is a metaphor.  The general idea is to use one thing to give a better image or description of the other.

Below are some fun metaphors from songs.  They are not necessarily good songs, just fun metaphors.  Read mine and share yours!

“The world’s your oyster shell./ So what’s that funny smell?/ You eat the bivalve anyway./ You’re sick with salmonella.”  – Never Is Enough by Barenaked Ladies

“Now his career [is] LeBron’s jersey in twenty years” – Lighters by Bad Meets Evil

“I am not a nomad/…/ I was born a house cat”  – Home Life by John Mayer

The last one is a case of an entire song being a funny extended metaphor, related to the concept of a fat lady singing opera means something is over.

“She’s putting on the helmet/ the one that makes her look like a cow./ And the big pointy chest thing./ I guess you’re leaving me now” – Fat Lady by Chapter 6