The Quest for Zebra-Print Tights

Jayme sank into her couch with relief.  The last four hours had taken a toll on her.  Her feet hurt, her back ached, and her eyes were tired and red. As she popped out the recliner on her sofa, she sighed gratefully.  Her best friend Luke definitely owed her ice cream.

Tonight they had been on the Quest for the Zebra-Print Tights.  She was primarily the chauffeur and sidekick; this was Luke’s quest, after all.  It was his costume that required the hosiery.  It should have been a relatively easy task; it was near Halloween, and animal print abounded.  As they traipsed in and out of store after store, however, it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t so simple.  Zebra was abundant, but primarily above the waist.  Leopard was the leg wear of choice, and they saw it everywhere.  Tights.  Leggings.  Thigh-high stockings.  Even skirts and pants.

But as Luke pointed out, leopard and zebra were two very different patterns.  Black and white went well with blue, his main color.  And all of his accessories were zebra, so even a black and white leopard print (which was also frequently an option) would look funny.  Spots and stripes together seemed a bit over the top.

After fifteen stores, the two finally gave up.  Luke would simply have to make do with black.  After she dropped him off at his house, Jayme returned, exhausted, to her own home.   The tiredness wouldn’t have been so bad, had the quest been successful.  But finishing empty-handed simply made it more intense.