A Camping Craving

About six months ago I took a solo jaunt into the woods for some camping, hiking, and writing.  It was amazing, and if you weren’t here for it, you can read about some of the adventures in previous posts, starting with this one.

It seems that I get camping cravings about every 6 months.  The newest one reared its head today.  I’m not sure what it is that I’m craving.  Is it the time in nature?  Is it sleeping outside?  Could it be the brief escape from life and people? (This last one seems especially likely at the moment, as most humans have been getting on my nerves lately.)

October may seem late to go camping, but remember that I live in Texas.  It’s 9:20 pm and the temperature outside is currently 75 degrees – it was 86 for most of the afternoon.  The weather will make its annual dramatic shift soon, though, so if I want to get my behind into the woods I’d better do it quickly.

Maybe camping will once again spark the writing?  I was almost prolific on my last trip!