Speaking for the Unheard

There are people out there whose voices go unheard, unheeded.

I’m not talking about unpublished authors or aspiring poets.  I mean the truly voiceless: people who are in situations that are nearly un-survivable, people who are unrepresented in most of our daily involvement, and people who are incapable, for whatever reason, of speaking for themselves.

Their stories, when they are heard, tug at your heart and leave you seeking a way to help.

While these people are not often in our thoughts, there are times when we hear more of these stories.  Of all the millions of people who go missing every year, there is always one child or one beautiful girl who becomes the darling of the media.  One story of one community inspires a reporter and becomes national news.  The holidays are a time when we see and hear a lot of these stories, of homeless families, parentless children, and adults who are struggling to survive.

I’ve been inspired by a story that I read today to try to speak for the voiceless.  It takes a certain type of writing, a specific touch, to do justice to a story that may not have a lot of justice in it.  The people involved are people, not characters, and their dignity and amazing will have to be part of the story, too.  Over the next week or so, I’m going to find someone in my life who has a story to tell, and share it.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.