I’ve recently realized that I have the capability to be a chameleon in social situations.  This doesn’t apply to times when people are around me consistently, like work or among my friends.  Then the real Leigh comes out.  But when I’m meeting new acquaintances or in a position to interact with many people, I have a reasonable ability to blend.  (This often impresses people who are less comfortable making conversation with strangers.)

I also have this ability as a writer.  Completing a novel is a huge challenge, to be sure, but writing well in many situations can be just as difficult.  Besides short and long fiction, I write two very different blogs (this one and one for work), I wrote a Master’s thesis, I’ve put together proposals for professional presentations, and I write a variety of things, from articles to curricula, for work.  All very different styles, in very different lengths, for many different audiences.

Being a chameleon is a useful skill.