Helping a girl grow a spine

While I am a big fan of the strong female character, sometimes you need a fluffy little girly-girl as part of your story.  Of course, I tend to do one of two things with said character.  She is either a minor player who fades into the background after her role is done or she turns into a strong woman.

Belinda in Butterflies follows the second option, and I’m starting to think that Aurana, one of my new characters, may also have to follow suit.  The trick with helping a girl grow a spine is giving her the support she needs while it develops.  (This applies to real-world girls, too, if you know any who need to develop the confidence to stand up for themselves.)  Success helps, too, with confidence and strength building on themselves as they are used effectively.

Belinda had her maid-turned-best-friend Deirdre to help her.  Deirdre didn’t necessarily insist on specific behaviors; she wasn’t in a position to tell Belinda what to do.  She primarily helped Belinda develop skills and encouraged her to think and to attempt challenging roles.  The more Belinda succeeded, the more willing she was to try further.

Aurana is going to be a harder case.  I haven’t quite figured out how to best support her in the quest to become her own person, and I’m not sure who I can bring into her life to make it possible.  She’s a delicate, lady-like princess who spent the first 9 years of her life being coddled followed by 16 years in a magical sleep (a la Sleeping Beauty, but with a much more interesting cause).  Now that she’s awoken at age 25, she’s still of fragile health and now has years of growing up to do.  I don’t know if just giving her a strong best friend or a powerful role model will be enough.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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