A Bittersweet Ending

It’s always interesting reading the end of a book.   When it’s a non-fiction book the feeling is usually one of success.  For really interesting non-fiction I tend to try to find more about the subject; for challenging non-fiction there is also a sigh of relief.

Fiction is different.  I get very attached to characters, so it is often sad to get to the end of their story.  When there is another book in a series or trilogy, I will usually pick it up immediately.  If the book is a stand-alone, or the end of a series, I sometimes have to pause between books.  This is usually a time that I’ll read a NatGeo or switch to non-fiction.  It’s hard to move on to new characters when you’re saying goodbye to old ones.

I am one page out from finishing The Unfolding of Language, so I will be starting a new book soon.  This is a sigh of relief ending; it’s been an interesting but slow read.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to read fiction (The Help is on the top of my pile) or non-fiction (I’m three months behind on NatGeo) but I think I’ll take a little breather and watch a little TV before I decide.