A story in need of a plot

On Friday I mentioned that an old idea for a story had resurfaced.  It’s a cool idea, although probably not novel-length, and I’m starting to work out some of the details.

The problem is that I need a plot.

I love my characters, and every story I’ve written has started with the people.  As I get to know the characters I find their story.  For my new concept, the interesting thing about the two main girls is their connection to one another.  This connection is the thing I want to explore with the story, although it isn’t really a plot on its own.  In Butterflies, in Dragon, even in my short stories, the characters’ problems led to a clear idea of a plot.  In this one their connection doesn’t necessarily guarantee conflict or a problem to be resolved.

Perhaps it will just take some fleshing out of their world to find the bigger picture for these two.