Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Today we’re going to play a game!  This is modified from a “quote game”some friends were circulating on Facebook.

First, find your “birthday sentence” of a book.  Take the last 2 digits of your birth year (if you were born after 1999, add 100) and find that page in your book.  Starting with the first full sentence, count until you find the sentence for your birth month.  If you run out of sentences, keep counting on to the next page.

So, for my parrot Max who hatched in June of 1986, he’d go to page 86 and find the 6th sentence.  Eli, the dog, whose honorary birthday is September 2002, would be page 102, sentence 9.  Got it?

I’m going to do this with three books: a book by my favorite author, the book I’m currently reading, and a book chosen at random from my bookshelf.  You can choose any or all of these to find your quotation for today.

“‘Tis true, my father’s men were slow to respond -” Naamah’s Kiss, Jacqueline Carey (favorite author)

“My brush with irregular flowers can be said to re-enact the major dilemma of linguistics in the nineteenth century.” The Unfolding of Language, Guy Deutscher (Yes, I’m still working my way through this one.  I’m getting close to finishing!)

“Knowing someone’s true name was a weighty responsibility, for it granted you absolute power over that person.” Brisingr, Christopher Paolini (chosen at random)

Your turn!  Make sure to share how you chose what book or books to use.