Separation Anxiety

And now, because I can, a moment of reflection on my dog…

Eli is a sweet dog.  It is usually relatively easy to get someone to watch him while I am gone, as he is a generally well-mannered, laid back dog.  If a dog can be low-maintenance, Eli fits that description.

He has one odd behavior: his separation anxiety.

Forget what you are thinking when you hear that phrase.  He does not destroy my house when I am at work, or pee on things, or generally show any major stress behaviors.  No, Eli is simply heartbroken whenever anyone leaves, and shares that loudly and with everyone.

When someone leaves the house, even if the dog was afraid of them, even if they were only here for a few minutes, even if it we are at someone else’s house, Eli whines and moans and makes everyone feel bad!  It’s hard to describe unless you’ve heard it, but it is an incredibly sad sound.

The one thing that fixes this is if he is in his crate.  I crate him when I’m at work, and he’s figured out that if he goes in it, someone has to come let him out again.  He’ll whine a little if I take too long leaving, wanting me to let him out again, but the lament for a person leaving is not heard.

He’s a good dog, but a strange one.