Lost Stories

Storytelling is, at its heart, an oral tradition.  Stories have been shared and passed down verbally for as long as stories have existed.

Even today, there are great stories that are shared verbally, informally, by friends.  Some of these are funny.  Some of them are sad.  And some of them are lost.

The lost stories are those that belong to people who have passed away.  Our eldest generation have many intriguing and insightful stories to tell, and as we lose the people, we lose their stories.  I was reminded today of one of the stories shared with me two years ago by a woman at a senior luncheon where I was a presenter.  I want to share it, but I am sure that my version will not live up to her original telling.  I will post it for your enjoyment tomorrow.  Sadly, I do not have her name or a way to adequately give the source of the story.  I can only hope that others have heard it, and will share it, so that it will not be lost with her.


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