I have a script I need to memorize for work.  I wrote it, but that doesn’t mean that I remember it word for word.  (You may recall that I still get to points in my novel when I’m so involved I can’t put the book down.)  Unintentional memorization comes easily to me – I can still remember most of the script of a “talking sign” I stood near 3 years ago –  but it’s been a while since I had to memorize something with a deadline.

When I first graduated from undergrad, I worked on a bird show.  I actually set the record for quickest memorization of the script, but for that one I was hearing someone else present it on a daily basis.  I’ve memorized lines for plays in high school, but that doesn’t seem quite the same.  So for this one, I am going to read it, read it, and read it again.

Once it’s gotten a foothold in my brain, I’ll start running lines with a friend.  Saying it and hearing it said are probably my best options.  I hope that I wrote it well, otherwise this might get old really fast.