Making Stuff for People

I knit.  I also write.  One of these is well-suited to the creation of gifts and donations; the other, not so much.

I am currently making “monster chunks” to donate to a fundraiser for conservation that a friend is heading.  She asked me to knit something, so I am making a couple of these balls with eyes and feet.  I’m also working on armrest covers for my grandma and contemplating Christmas gifts for my family.  Knitting is a good, albeit time-consuming, way to make things for people.

Writing is not as easy.  It’s not that writing is any different with the level of creative involvement or time or effort.  The difference is the end result.  For some reason most people would think it a little strange to receive a poem or story as a gift, whereas a sweater or a hat they can appreciate.  Even a book I have called “Gifts of Writing” is mostly about making crafty writing-related stuff (like cards or journals) rather than actually writing something for someone.  I know a few people (hi Mom!) who would be thrilled to get their own short story for their birthday or a special occasion, but they are rare.  Fortunately, my friend and her fundraiser can also make use of this skill of mine; she’s asked me to write a couple of posts (for a different blog) to advertise the event, and I was more than happy to help.

The writing is done.  Now I just need to finish the knitting.  🙂