Hello Mister Fish!

Today I said “Hola, Mr. Fish” to the fish that lives in our office.  Then I decided that perhaps if I was speaking to him in Spanish I should also use his Spanish name.  This led to an interesting discussion of words and usage.

My coworker who speaks Spanish told me that “fish” is either “pescado” or “pes.”  She wasn’t sure if one was alive and one was dead, or if they were just interchangeable.  We also discussed the word “carne” – is it just meat in general or also beef?    Does fish count as “carne” or do you need to add the “pescado” to it?

Words are funny like that.  Specific terms like “Coke” and “Kleenex” become generic terms for soda and tissues.  Words that mean one thing morph into another.  I’ve been reading the linguistics book I mentioned yesterday, which has made me think a lot more about words and their usage.  Then I have fun conversations about how to greet a fish, and it just gets me thinking more.

Hola, Senor Pescado!