Lots of Interests, One Focus

Reading and writing have always been interesting to me.  I created stories as a child, read voraciously, and started writing poems and fiction in junior high.  Completing novels and attempting to get published are relatively new interests for me, though.  As a kid I enjoyed many things but had only one focus: animals.

An interest in animals grew into an interest in biology, so my science nerd personality totally fits.  Now that I’ve become successful thanks to my dedication (or is obsession a better word) to my animal focus, I’ve realized that there are many other things I enjoy that I could have pursued.  If I hadn’t been obsessed with animals, of course.

Beyond writing, with which I have a long-developed relationship, I’ve found a few other interests.  If it had been encouraged of me as a kid, I might have made a good forensic scientist.  I loved dance in high school and college, and while I was never good enough to perform professionally, with a little more training I could have taught and choreographed.  And I’m re-reading Guy Deutscher’s The Unfolding of Language and I’m having a bit of deja vu as I realize that linguistics could easily have held my attention as well.

It’s fun to think about what might have been.  I do love my job, though, so my early focus hasn’t harmed me too badly.