Try a Little Honesty

We all lie, fib, “readjust” things all the time.  We make up half-truths and un-truths to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, or getting in trouble, or just to make life a little easier.  I realized today that this is a really easy habit to develop.

This realization came to me when I was trying to find an excuse for returning an article of clothing.  I like it, I think it’s flattering, and I’ll definitely wear it.  Why am I returning it?  I don’t need it and at this point, I can’t really afford it.  So I decided instead of making up something about fit or comfort or whatever, I’m just going to tell the truth.  I’m returning it because I’ve discovered I can’t afford it after all.

I think I want to take this approach with my writing, too, so here are a couple of truths that you may have figured out but that I have been dancing around.

While I have some scenes, plot ideas, and characters that I’m excited about, I can’t seem to start actually writing Chasing.

Right now I have a lot going on with non-writing things in my life, so writing has shifted to a low priority.

I will still be writing blogs (I want a near-perfect year, after all) and they will still be about writing-related things, but don’t be surprised if you start to see more reading and blogging posts than writing posts.

Wow, honesty does feel pretty good!