Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Inspired by a variety of recent occurrences, I’d like to start a new tradition.  This isn’t exactly a series, but I will try to do this on Wednesdays at least a couple of times a month.  And guess what!  It’s interactive!

I like quotations.  (Apparently “quotes” are the little symbols around that word, not a saying.)  What I’m planning to do is use a theme or context for them, post a couple that I like that fit, and then open up the floor for your favorites (within the appropriate theme, of course).  Sometimes we’ll do books, or poems, or even music and movies.  Before you argue, those are technically written documents as well; songs are sung poems and movies are performed plays.

This week, in honor of my main inspiration for this concept, the theme is “Things you’d really like to say but can’t” and the context is song quotations.  All of mine are from Sara Bareilles’ album Kaleidoscope Heart and they are directed at a variety of people.  The song title follows the quotation.

“I’m not the girl that I intend to be.  But I dare you darlin’, just you wait and see.  But this time not for you, but just for me.” (Gonna Get Over You)

“I’m not the one who went and made a mistake.  I want to walk away too.  But I want you to say you’re sorry.”  (Say You’re Sorry)

“Stand in line wasting all of your time just to hate me.  Every dime gone to ways you can find that might bait me…  You love to be somebody’s enemy.”  (Machine Gun)

Ok, your turn!  Song lyrics you wish you could say to someone – go!