Book Club

One of my coworkers asked me today if I could print a copy of the flyer for The Queen’s Butterflies for her.  She wants to take it to her book club so she can suggest it as a possible title.

Of course, I said sure.  I mean, who am I to turn down the possibility of a book club reading my novel?

My mom’s book club read the first draft of the manuscript, back a couple of years now when it was completed but not revised.  They gave me some awesome feedback that I used in the major revision that I did.  The best compliment from that adventure?  “It definitely feels like a real book, with lots of characters and subplots.”  Technically, those ladies were the first people who didn’t know me directly to read my book, and getting nice feedback from them helped reinforce that the book was worth reading.

I hope my coworker’s book club enjoys the book, if they decide to read it.  🙂


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