I organized the closet in my bathroom today.  (I know, hold back the excitement.)  It’s amazing how simply putting things in some sort of order will free up so much space!  Very little actually got tossed or moved to another storage location, and yet where once things were piled up and falling off shelves there is now peace and empty space.

Ah, organization can be a wonderful thing.

When it comes to writing, I am generally not an outline-first type of writer.  Honestly, I usually only have a vague idea of where the story will end when I begin it.  I am an organized writer, however.  I keep all kinds of lists and files handy while I work on a novel.

For Butterflies, I had four lists of names.  Three were names to choose from, men, women, and last names.  The fourth was a running list of what names had already been used.  If you haven’t read Butterflies yet (why not?) you should know that it has a lot of characters; thus, the need to keep track of used names.  I also had a list of possible place names, a file that described the basic structure of the army, and physical descriptions of the main characters (I can’t ever remember what people look like).  All of these documents lived near my computer; after having to flip back and forth between computer files, I finally just printed them all out.

I’m sure that I’ll need to revive some of them here shortly, as well as creating some new ones, in the process of writing Chasing.  Isn’t organization fantastic?


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  1. T. S. Bazelli
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 11:04:57

    Oh it is! Clearing away all the clutter makes things less overwhelming 😉


    • Leigh Townsend
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 16:56:41

      I can’t believe how open my apartment feels after some actual clearing and rearranging! I like to do the same to my computer files from time to time, too, although I don’t trash those. That’s what “archives” are for!


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