Family’s Favorite Question

If you are writing a book, revising a book, or trying to publish a book, and you have a family visit planned in the near future, I have some advice for you.  Be prepared for everyone’s favorite question: “So, how’s the book going?”

Remember to take this question in a positive tone.  Most of your family are asking because they are curious, not because they are nagging.  The easiest way to prevent the defensive “It’s going” response is to have something already prepared.

Before a visit, take a couple of minutes to devise your answer.  You should sound like you have a plan, whether or not you really have one. You are a writer, after all, so it can’t be that hard to come up with something creative.

Of course, my plan is a real one, so I didn’t have to come up with anything clever.  I did, however, prepare a set answer.  This also helps if you, like me, tend to talk too much about your writing when people ask.  With a set answer, I could give them enough information without going overboard.  This allows the polite-but-not-interested people to get a polite-and-brief answer.  The people who are really interested will ask for more information, and will be pleased to let you talk a bit too much.

This, then, is my advice in a nutshell: have an answer ready, because you know the question is coming.  It worked for me!