The Epitome of Scatterbrained

I just got home from a solo road trip to visit my family.  The drive from Houston to central Illinois and back is a long one, and a dog and a parrot are indifferent road companions.  I had also forgotten my iPod charger, so while I had music to get me through the gaps, I listened to a lot of random radio stations along the way.  (Of course, they all play the same songs over and over again, and I am an auditory learner.  I now know most of the words to “Lighters,” “Cheers,” and “Stereo Hearts.”)

I thought this trip might be a great time to work on my sequel.  I’ve found driving to be a great time to let my brain develop dialogue and story, so here’s a really long drive to work on the novel!  It was a good idea; too bad it failed.  I was the epitome of scatterbrained on this drive, especially the return trip.

Somehow, it seemed as though I couldn’t even complete a couple of sentences of a thought before my mind jumped to something else entirely.  I don’t even know what all I thought about.  There were some story ideas, some blog post ideas (including this one), a couple one-sided conversations with friends, generating to-do lists for the rest of my vacation, pondering billboards and license plates; you name it, my brain was all over the place.

At least part of it was focused – the part that was paying attention to the road!  Now that I’m home and still on vacation, I’n planning to get a bit more focused.  My writing to-do list is getting longer.


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