Farmer’s Market Adventure

One pastime that I have come to appreciate more since I began writing is people watching.  I’ve learned on my visit with family that we’re really good at speculating.  “What do you think that KEEPR license plate means?  Is he a zookeeper?  A beekeeper?  Likes to fish?  It could be he thinks a lot of himself, or maybe that’s his last name!”  People watching includes elements of this, along with a simple need to observe other human beings in order to write about other human beings.

Today we went to the farmer’s market.  I am quite pleased with the tomatoes, peaches, locally made cheese and bread that my parents were kind enough to buy for me.  The farmer’s market is also a great place to people watch.  There are business people out on their weekend and moms with their kids.  There were lots and lots of people with dogs, in different shapes and sizes.  (Eli, my dog, did not go, because I know he’s not a farmer’s market-friendly type of dog.)  There were people in modern-day hippy outfits and a college student or two.  We even ran into a couple of people that we knew.

People watching is fun and has definite applications for writing.  Now that I’m getting absorbed with Diaea once again, it will provide some good insight for developing the new Chasing characters.


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