Trying a Different Approach

I have learned some important lessons from knitting.  Recently I learned a very good one: if something is not working, don’t give up.  Try a different approach.

I knitted a hat from my grandma.  She picked out a yarn that was incredibly pretty, but really scratchy and hard to work with.  As I was making the hat, it had a lace-like quality which is not really desirable in something meant to keep your head warm.  It wasn’t going to be warm, or comfortable, and the sparkles that looked pretty on the skein were going to be incredibly gaudy as a hat.

When I was fed up and ready to give up, a friend suggested something different.  Use the yarn grandma picked, but knit with another, nicer yarn at the same time.  So I tried it, using a soft black acrylic that looked really nice with the blue of the sparkle yarn.

Guess what?  It turned out beautifully.

This is Grandma's Hat, on my head.

This is a knitting lesson that applies to life and to writing.  We always hear the old saying, “Try, try again,” but that should be tempered with a few extra words.  Rather than trying the same thing again, try a different approach.  It might be exactly what you need to succeed.


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