French with a Japanese Accent

In high school, I took Japanese.  My roommate took French.  (Yes, I had a roommate in high school, but that’s not relevant to the story.  Maybe another post.)  She tried to teach me some French curse words (did I mention this was high school?) and I said them acceptably.  Her only complaint?  “You’re saying them with a Japanese accent!”  My mouth automatically switched to Japanese placement and accenting because that’s what my brain associated with “foreign language.”

The same thing happened tonight.  I am preparing for a presentation tomorrow for a professional organization, and I wanted to practice in the shower.  Unfortunately, I have two presentations coming up in the next couple of months, and my mind decided to work on the other one instead.  Hey, it was working on a presentation, right?  Just not the correct one.

This also happens in writing, and you’ve heard about it from me before.  I get myself in a writing mindset, but the creativity flows for the wrong story.  Scenes come in for the book I’m not working on, or a storyline pops into my head for a novel when I’m supposed to be finishing a short story.  As long as it’s in the writing channel, I guess my imagination will paddle whichever way it feels.  This sometimes leaves me in trouble, but the best I can do is get it into the channel.  At least I’m writing, right?

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