Fighting with Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing, except when it isn’t.

I’m getting a little frustrated with technology at the moment.  My phone, which I just replaced since it wasn’t letting me make calls (kind of defeats the purpose of having a phone) is now telling me that texts are being sent.  The trouble is the texts are not being received.  I might blame this on the recipient’s phone at this point, but it’s still irritating.

Tonight I have an online meeting that is in preparation for an online presentation that I have to give on Wednesday.  All well and good, except that for some reason I can’t get the online meeting host site to work.  I have until 8pm to keep trying; the whole online conference has been a challenge from the beginning, and I hate feeling unprepared.  If I can’t get the host site to work I don’t know what I’ll do.

Fortunately WordPress has decided to be nice to me, and my computer is behaving itself.  Technology is frustrating, but the worst is always when everything decides to work against you.


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