A Family Reunion

Now that I’ve decided to work on the scenes that I know as a way to start Chasing, I have a fun moment working in my brain.

This is a great family reunion scene between a sister and her brother.  Here is the (Butterflies spoiler alert) background: Little brother wanted to be an “explorer” when he grew up.  Big sister left home when she was a teen to become a soldier, and eventually became an officer in the Queen’s Guard.

The basic scene: sister is standing on duty when brother arrives with a large party of explorers assembled by the king, about to be assigned to a major undertaking for the crown.

The fun part?  Sister doesn’t notice brother right away, but he sees her.  This leads to a very unceremonious yelling and heartfelt reunion right in the middle of formal court.

It should be fun to write, once my brain irons out all the details.  🙂


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