An Excerpt from Dragon Pendant

White puffs of cloud floated below her, the sky a brilliant expanse of azure.  The sun shone warm on her back.  Too warm, she decided, and angled her body down.  Cool droplets of water condensed on her skin as she sliced through one of the larger clouds.  Reaching the bottom refreshed, she leveled out and soared gently as she took in the landscape.  A blue ribbon of river wove through the green fabric of farms, trees adding dark accents to the tapestry.  Occasionally a homestead appeared; the thatched roofs of buildings and pale dirt of paths seemed to compliment rather than contrast with the surrounding environment.

Up ahead, two hawks circled; she turned in their direction and made her way lazily toward them.  When she reached the thermal, she stretched her wings, letting the warm air carry her ever slowly higher, back to the level of the clouds.  As she rose her eyes followed the river, its flow sedate as it neared the coast, as if the water was tired from its reckless headlong rush down from the mountains.  She could see a sparkling swath on the horizon, the ocean turned silver by the sun.

Smiling to herself, she ended her upward spiral in a gentle glide down, the ocean rushing toward her.  She tucked her wings and dove at the last, gaining speed before flattening her flight just above the water.  The wind that blew against her face was laced with salt, and the gulls on the shore called to her.  No, that wasn’t the gulls.  It was a beeping sound, a sound she should know.  Shutting her eyes to think, she focused on the sound…

And opened her eyes to find herself flat on her back, looking up at a ceiling.  Panicked, Ann sat up, her breath coming fast and her heart racing, before she recognized the sound as her alarm clock and the ceiling as her own.  Disappointed, she realized that it had been a dream.  She felt inexplicably bereft, and a tear slid down her face as she reached back to turn off the alarm.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 07:40:12

    Love it so far! I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂


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