Say Hello to Sleep

I have been a busy girl lately.  Lots of social events, lots of hanging out with friends, generally lots of fun.

Of course, lots of fun comes at a price, and that price has been my sleep.

Tonight, I said no.  I told the people who needed to know that I was unavailable this evening.  Tonight was for me.

I made good use of it, too.  I actually ate some of the food that I bought at the grocery store.  (This is a novel concept lately.)  I took a nice relaxing shower, I knitted part of the leg of a monster, and now, at 9pm, I am finishing up this post so I can go to sleep early.  These were my goals for the evening.

Of course, now that my relaxing night is drawing to a close, my mind is recalling all of those useful, productive things that I should have been doing instead.  Before I can drop off for the night I’ll have to convince myself that the trip itinerary, the next section of Chasing, the letter and the email that I should have finished can all wait until tomorrow.  In this case, procrastination is acceptable.  Sleep is a higher priority.  I just need to get my brain to agree.


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