These are tiny knitted monsters I made for my coworkers.

I have recently started knitting toys.  More specifically, monsters.

Tonight as I thought about the logistics of starting Chasing, I realized that it is much like a knitted toy.  No matter how much I would like to work the thing without seams, starting at the start and ending at the end, that’s not really possible.  Like its predecessor, Chasing has a large cast and many overlapping plotlines.  I remembered tonight that when I started Butterflies, I simply wrote the scenes I knew.  Once I had several, I could start piecing them together and giving the whole story shape.  Chasing is going to have to be the same way, especially since this time I am not certain of the correct chronological overlap between subplots.

It’s strange (and yet logical) how my hobbies merge and mirror one another.


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