The Chase Is On!

I finally started working on the scene from Chasing that has been in my head.  It’s just a tiny moment between friends, but it seems like a good way to jump back in with who these people are and their relationships.  Would you like a little sample?  I thought so.  🙂  Remember, it’s a sequel, and so it will reveal some character details from Butterflies (in case you forgot about possible spoilers).

     Damian looked up as the concealed panel in his bedroom opened. He was expecting to see Mara, so her entrance was unsurprising.  Her clothing, however, made his eyebrows lift.  She was clad in all in white, but while the important parts of her were covered in an opaque material, the rest of her body, from head to toe, was swathed in a billowy translucent cloud. 
     “It’s not what you think,” the Dark Butterfly growled at the crown prince. 
     Damian raised his hands in mock surrender.  “I wasn’t going to ask.”
     From across the room, Andi chuckled.  It always amused her to see her husband and her Dark interact.  She smiled at Mara as the woman crossed the room.  “The Sai ambassador again?” she asked.
     The petite woman in white sighed as she dropped onto the bed next to the crown princess.  “I don’t see why Izzy can’t have her women take care of this.”
     When Damian’s sister Izzy had become Crown Princess Narcissa of Saimiri, she had accumulated a few Butterflies in her service.  They were primarily tasked with providing information back to Diaea, but Izzy had her mother’s blessing to use them occasionally for Sai business.
     “You know why,” Andi replied.  “They are in Sayornis, and the ambassador is here.”  Mara grunted her reply and Andi continued.  “Besides, she’s our friend and she asked us for help.”
     “Mmm,” was Mara’s only reply.  After a moment of silence, she focused on the reason for her visit.  “I only have a little while before I need to go join the ambassador’s household, but it should be time to review the letter you told me about.”
     Crown Princess Lisandra stood as she said, “Right, this isn’t just a social visit.  Follow me; I have it in my desk.  It shouldn’t take more than a moment.”
     Damian shook his head as he watched the two women leave the room.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole W.
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 13:35:04

    I love Mara’s character, so it’s good to see a post concerning her. Good post overall, you have me hooked already.


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