Chocolate Pie

I would really like to start reading the Harry Potter books.

Enough with the shocked silence, I’ve read them before.  In fact, I own them.  What I should have said is start reading them again.

So, if I own them and I want to read them, what’s the problem?  At this point the books are kind of like the piece of chocolate pie that is currently lurking in my fridge.  I definitely should not partake.  (In the case of the pie, I shouldn’t even possess it.  That’s surprisingly Harry Potter-related, too, the results of an outing with friends to see the movie.)

I shouldn’t eat the pie because I am trying to eat healthy and lose some weight.  I was less than succesful at the healthy food thing this weekend.  One piece of pie won’t kill me, but it certainly won’t make it any easier to get back into a good eating habit.  The same holds true for Harry Potter; reading them won’t help me get back into my writing habit.

So, Harry Potter will be postponed for the time being, until I can get my writing going again.  And I’m going to at least eat something healthy for dinner before I inhale the pie.  🙂


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  1. Rochelle
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 18:53:00

    my shocked silence was because I was amazed (for a moment) to find someone ELSE who has not yet read them. I haven’t and want to, but alas, not time. No time in part due to writing, so that’s good I guess..


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